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Malaysian Cocoa Board
Cocoa Information Center
Level 5 & 6, Wisma SEDCO
Lorong Plaza Wawasan Off Coastal Highway,
88000 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia
Tel : 088 234477 (12 Lines)
Fax : 088 239575/253037


MCB Library commenced its operation in 1990 at the Board's Headquarter in Wisma Muis, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah before moving to Wisma SEDCO in 2000.

Currently, there are 5 library branches : Kota Kinabalu Industrial Park (KKIP), Tawau, CITC Nilai, Hilir Perak and Jengka with all administrative matters are centered through the Headquarter's library. The branch library in KKIP and CITC, Nilai were fully operational while in Tawau, Hilir Perak and Jengka are still at development stage. Most of the library's collections consist of research materials, article reprints, journals and government documents.These collections can be accessed through internet at website http://www.koko.gov.my (Online Services: Cocoa Information Center (e-PMK).

By the end of March, 2013 the Library's collection stands at 11,878 items. These collections can be access through a WebOPAC Search System in this portal. Besides books and printed journals, MCB Library also subscribes to a few electronic databases to assist MCB's officers with their researches.


To build a comprehensive collection (particularly on cocoa and related subjects) and provide quality services inline with the current technology development.


  • To develop a one-stop-center of cocoa information in Malaysia.
  • To collect and manage information on cocoa commodity and matters related to research, production, processing, market and socio-economy.
  • To disseminate and channel cocoa related information to target groups
  • To cooperate / collaborate with all libraries.
  • To encourage and increase the usage of library's facilities through efficient services, creating well-informed users.

Client Charter

We promise to accomplish the library's objectives efficiently to fulfill our responsibilities as follows:

  • To provide and to give the latest information, fast, accurate and effective.
  • To give an effective service to the users
  • To provide a comfortable environment and the best facilities.


Open Access

The Open Access Collection consists of materials obtained from various sources such as purchases, gifts from other agencies and also gifts from MCB officers.

Research is a very important area in MCB. Therefore, most of the reference materials found in MCB libraries are books and articles related to research. However, materials of general subjects are also obtained, especially those related to the PTK ( Penilaian Tahap Kecekapan ) / competency test for civil servants.

Listed below are the current list of available reference materials in the library:

  • Research (Biology, Biotechnology, Chemistry & Technology and other latest information on research).
  • Marketing (Techno-Economy).
  • Quality Control
  • Information Technology / Library Science / Audit.
  • Finance / Accounts.
  • General (Self-Management / Office/ Counselling / Stastistics / Encyclopedias / Government Directives).


This collection consist of original reprints and photocopies of articles mostly related to cocoa research. The collection is kept in the HQ's library. Currently the collection stand 3113 titles which can already be accessed through E-CocoaKM.


This is a collection of currently subscribed materials such as magazines and journals (from inside and outside of Malaysia), including those acquired through purchases and gifts from various government agencies throughout the country.

As a research agency, MCB gives top priority to the purchasing of magazines and journals which are related to research, which includes both physical and online materials. Apart from that, materials related to Information Technology, Marketing and other general subjects are also purchased or subscribed.

Listed below are detailed listing of magazines and journals subscribed by the library:

  • Periodicals
    • The Planters
    • FoodNews
    • Forbes Asia
    • Fortune
    • Chocolate & Confectionery International
    • Kennedy's Confection
    • Fox Pro Advisor
    • SQL Server
    • Asia Pacific Food Industry
    • MC Manufacturing Confectioner
  • LKM's periodicals
    • Banci Estet Koko (Annually)
    • Malaysian Cocoa Monitor (Semi annual)
    • Malaysian Cocoa (Semi annual)
    • Malaysian Cocoa Journal (Semi annual)


    This collection contains digital materials such as CDs and video files, including other materials related to Audio-Visual. The collection is obtained from the Public Relations Unit in MCB, and also through journal purchases (comes with CDs) and gifts from various agencies.

    CD collections obtained from the Public Relations Unit often contains materials from international cocoa conferences worldwide, cocoa planting programmes and speeches by the Director General.

    The multimedia collection, kept in the Headquarter's Library.

    As of the end of March 2013, the library's collection stands at 11,878 volumes.











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    All rights reserved. No part of this publication (article/illustration/material) in e-PMK and e-cocoaKM may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording, or otherwise, without the prior written permission of the editor, Malaysian Cocoa Board. These include materials obtained through outside agencies such as NSTP (M) Berhad, National Archives of Malaysia etc.